Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Whimsy Challenge and new Release!

This week the Whimsy Challenge is also showing off the New October Digital Release! I fell for the new "Wolf Friend" image.

I colored with my Copics - isn't he handsome?  (colors below) I found some papers that I though matched up with the wolf. My Minds Eye I believe. Not sure scraps. I die cut out a Happy Birthday from the Birthday Sentimentables Die set - love them! Added ribbon -

Inside I used more of the same papers -

Copic colors used -

 Love these colors together. They seem winter but warm don't you think?

Now hop on over to the Whimsy Challenge and see all the DT's cards - new new new mixed in with our challenge.

Have a great Day!
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - Sentiment on Front

Howdy -
Today I am setting up our booth for the Round Top Antique Show - but before that I wanted to share my card for the High Hopes Challenge - this week the challenge is to have a sentiment on the front. This new Christmas image was one of my favorites -
Peek - a - Boo Baby - 

 Fabulous fun image - perfect for those families with a baby's first Christmas. But I just think it is too cute and sweet. I colored with my Copics - colors below. The sentiment I think works well with it - Peeking Poking or Shaking.  I found some old Christmas scraps that were fun colors and shapes for the image. I added some green card stock and red buttons. Not sure about those buttons... idea sounded good then they were glued down so I had to go with it. hmmm...

Added Stickles for some Christmas bling.

I did the inside with the same papers, then forgot to snap a photographs .... oops. sorry.

Copic colors used -

Now make sure to hop on over to the High Hopes Challenge Blog and see all the DT cards and please do join us. Great chances to win some new High Hopes stamps to play with! And that is always good right?

Ok... busy long day... hope you have a great one!
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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Animal Crackers - Girls on the loose!

Howdy -
We are gearing up for one of our largest antique shows coming... Round Top! So this last week we have been making sure that all the pens are good... and the mineral blocks are good... all the water buckets are not leaking and floats working... Well while loading in the Goats vitamin Black sticky stinky tubs that they love.. and why I have no idea... while loading them in we "accidentally" let the goats out and into the back yard. Ok so it wasn't a major big deal and it did make it easier to get the tubs in with them gone... but then we turned around and they were all going nuts!

Running all over the yard, climbing the tree, on the back porch looking for feed... was really pretty funny. Hubby looked over at me and rolled his eyes. You see we both new there was only one easy way to get them all back into the pen. Yep they got fed some yummy feed much earlier in the day than they should... LOL All was good and then once they finished up their feed they found the nasty sticky tubs and now they are all wearing black yuck. And are all very happy..

Speaking of girls all together....

 We call this "The Shoot" at the neighbors property. This is between the boys front pen and another back pen. We have hung panel gates on our fence line to drive and get back and forth on the properties with out having to go way out to the road. Hubby has been watering sections of the grass with the heat and the no rain here... the shoot is a easy area to water and the girls are making sure that any new growth is mowed down short! Growing for them so can't complain... it is their grass.

While over at the neighbors I had to take time to love on my baby Diego. Our very first baby. He is such a big handsome boy. I can't believe he is almost 10 years old!!!!

My big Gelding Boy. I couldn't sell him and so the only way to keep him was to fix him and make him a pet.  So that is what we did. There was NO way we could sell our very first baby could we?

 I have showed this photo many times before ... but it is just so darn cute I have to show it again... and I am sure I will have to in the future as well. And so you know... he was born in December and I was such a newbie dork I thought he would be cold and ran into town and got him a large dog coat to wear so he would be warmer. LOL such a dork. It was in the low 30's.... not cold for them, they love that weather. Ha!

Speaking of adorable. Ok - so last week I showed you the inside dogs pouting cuz they knew I was loading up for a show... I did that show last weekend. And then once home unloaded the truck and brought in some of the boxes into the dining room waiting to load up for this next show... WELL...

Miss Libbie decided that she fit just perfect into the box... smooshed down my table cloths and yes... that is a bisque doll in that box that she is laying on. You think maybe she is telling me she can fit in the box and go with me this time? LOL  sweet little girl, love her! (and after I took the photo I got her out of the box and checked on the doll...)

Was a stunning sunset the other night here -

Just wanted to share the beauty -
Have a wonderful blessed weekend!
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Whimsy Stamps Inspiration - Hey Chickie!!!

Howdy -

Totally fell for this little chick! This is one of Whimsy Stamps new images from Miss Rach Digitals - Aussie Kiwi Chick

Isn't she cute? I colored with Copics (colors below) Pulled out papers from My Minds Eye Pretty Things collection. I figured that chicks are country and the country feel of papers seemed right.  The Sentiment is also from Whimsy - the Cute and Cuddly Set.  Then I added some ribbon and lace. Love that lace... Whimsy again. I am sure you have seen me go on and on about the adhesive lace from Whimsy. you must get some... HERE. But you better hurry as it is on the 40% off clearance sale. I need to fill up my stash first though.... 

Inside the card more of the same papers -

Copics used -

 Sweet little Chickie image -

Busy Busy Busy around here... Next week is Round Top Antique Show!! Very excited :0)
HUGS and have a wonderful day!


Monday, September 22, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - Stitching

Howdy -

Today is the High Hopes Challenge and it is all Stitched up! Just add some stitching.. real sewing or faux stitching. Now I love to sew on my cards so I was so into this one!

And I had some fun with one of the new release Christmas images!

This is "No Peeking Elves" cute huh? And I love the new sentiments "Have you Elf.." I used papers from My Minds Eye Merry Little Christmas collection. Fun colors.

I colored with my Copics (colors below) I added a white dotted ribbon. Oh and of course I sewed all the layers down for the challenge.

Inside -

Copic colors used -

Great bright fun colors to match the papers... sadly my pad is about empty... thinking I need to head to the store to get more don't you think? 

Now please do hop on over to the High Hopes Challenge see the other DT cards and then please join us so you can win some new High Hopes to play with! 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Animal Crackers - Some are Smart... Some are not...

Howdy -

You think these three are a little sad? They know when we have shows.. as I start stacking things up for Hubby to load. Yesterday afternoon these three were all laying near my pile with long sad faces. You would think that we abandon them for days at a time... LOL They know we never leave them too long. Just not hear every second for them... hate to tell them I am working ahead now they think every time we go out the door that is it.. then as soon as I come back in, even if it is 5 minutes later they act as if I have been gone for a month! LOL Sweep puppies...

Hubby snapped this one a little while back and I don't think I shared it. This is Sweet Pea... She had a problem....

Only a couple of the goats wear collars.... and Sweet Pea isn't one of them. hmmmm...  So now how did she get it off one of the two older girls.. how did she get it around her neck... and how did she get her leg stuck as well? hmmm. Oh well Hubby saved her and took it off her. But as I have trained him well he snapped the photo first. :0)

Now the chickens have really been down on their egg productions lately... one to two a day is what we have been getting lately. Normally I get 6-9 a day. But yesterday I was dancing around happy when I went out to get the eggs... 

One of my little heritage girls have now started to lay!!! Not sure which one, I tried to get someone to claim their little tiny egg... but they were just interested in the bag of lettuce in my hand. So happy... so the other girls should be right behind her! So excited!!! Should get some blue or greenish ones soon.

Now the reason my older girls productions numbers are down is one the heat... and they are really into their moulting time.. a few just are not their prettiest right now.

But we still love them...

One more ... not the best photo, a little grainy... but it was too cute to not show you.

You see when the moon is high and full the donkeys love to roam around in the moonlight. But then the days you need to crash and take naps. This was about 6pm when had just come home and were coming through our gate... all three standard donkeys. Cocoa, Teddy and Valentine were crashed out cold! Valentine actually was laying out flat when we first came through the gate but just as I snapped he raised his head up to make sure we were ok. As soon as he saw it was Mom and Dad he flopped back over. We aren't no big deal. LOL

Well today I am doing a Doll Show. Not many antique dealers attend this show. Maybe 1/4th of the dealers. I have done it a few times over the past couple of years. Not Hubby's cup of tea... LOL But Since I do the antique bisque dolls and antique doll furniture and the show is only 15 minutes from home I like doing it. Wish me luck! For selling and for finding a few goodies too! :0)

Hope you have a fun day planned!
Have a great one!
HUGS and -

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Whimsy Inspirations - Purr-fect Pumpkin!

Howdy -

Today I had some fun coloring up a little kitty and a pumpkin -

This is Whimsy Stamps -  Purr-fect Pumpkin by StampArt Designs

Sweet cat - I colored with my copics (colors below) and then found some papers from Graphic 45. The sentiment is a bonus!! Yep with the Purr-fect Pumpkin image comes with 4 Sentiments to match!! I added some Viva Decor dots for embellishments  - kept it simple as the kitty is just Purr-fect! ;0)

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used -

We had a tiny little front come through here earlier in the week... cooled things down a little for a few days... WAS WONDERFUL!! So I am into the fall colors and images! ok so it warmed back up here... but one front gives the hope for the next one coming! Fall is just around the corner!! Then Winter and I will be whining that it is too cold. LOL 

Have a wonderful day!
HUGS and -